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Silver heart in heart Lantern Tealight Candle Paper Bags - Wedding Party Decoration - 10 Pack

Silver Heart bag

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Silver Luminara Candle Bags with a heart design as shown

15cm wide x 9cm depth x 26.5cm high.

Candle Bags or Luminaria are a beautiful decoration for any outdoor evening event, from weddings to barbeques and garden soires.

We recommend using them all the time for creating an instant border along a garden path leading to a party venue, down outdoor wedding aisles at sunset, up staircases leading into a wedding reception, and around swimming pools for swanky barbeques.

There are some gorgeous styles available from our website, or you can use them for great large Bomboniere favour pouches.

Tea light and votive candles available from us as well - see our other categories.

The definitive advice to setting up candle bags or luminaria most effectively:

  1. Open up the bag and pour approximately 2-3 cups of sand, kitty litter, small pebbles or soil into it.
  2. Place the bags about 1-1.5m apart for maximum lighting effect.
  3. Place a candle into the centre of the pile, pushing it down into the soil so it is positioned upright and straight. You can use heavy duty tea light candle or a votive candle.
  4. Light the candles using either a large BBQ match or a grill lighter. Smaller matches will be difficult to use and will take quite some time if you have a number of candles to light.
  5. Extinguish the candle once you have finished the event.
  6. You can reuse the bags afterwards if stored dry.

Remember that candles are flammable so you need to be extremely careful when using them and don’t let children play with them.


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