Wine Glass Holder - Plate clip - Buffet Design

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For use at social functions or parties, unique gift idea, to advertise your company, or even just for a gimmick.

The holder clips on to the side of a china plate, and your wine glass can be placed in the hole to leave a hand free for eating, greeting or whatever.

These are a well designed, appealing looking white clip that takes the most common wine glass sizes up to a 10mm diameter stem. The top surface is printable for placing a logo on if necessary, and the product is washable and reusable.

These strong clips are made from high quality white ABS plastic and not prone to breaking. If you have been dissapointed with the quality of other brands of clip then I suggest you look at these high quality holders.

For promotional purposes your company logo or product name can be printed on the clip by pad, screen, or foil printing. Printed stickers are also commonly used. The flat section that sits over the top of the plate, and the top surface are the most obvious area to print. We do not arrange or carry out any printing but can advise.

Caterers use these for corporate stand up lunch buffets allowing the clients and guest to mingle and network alot easier.

Remember a wine glass doesn't only have to hold wine. Orange juice, mineral water and soft drink can also be included.