LED Candle - White Body Amber Flame - Battery Operated On/Off Switch

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This Candle is a reuseable, Tealight Size battery operated, LED candle and lamp cell that glows like a real candle.

Each reuseable candle can be used in your existing candle holders in place of traditional wax candles or liquid fuel cells.

These are an excellent choice when ambiance lighting is needed along with the convenience of reuseable and long burning lamps cells.

Each battery candle has an on/off switch on the top of the cell. They're affordable, costing pennies per day. Each candle has a burn time of over 20 hours, using 2 Coin Batteries.

2 Batteries supplied with this purchase.

Visit our candle holders page for decorative holders.

Applications where LED Candles add value include:

  • Restaurants, bars and nightclubs - indoor and outdoor tables, bar tops, bathrooms, patios, serving trays, stages
  • Hotels and casinos - bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, welcoming entrances, banquet halls, wall features
  • Events and functions - weddings, flower-arrangements, in décor baskets and bowls, concerts, picnics, as gifts
  • Cruise ships, B&B, wineries - bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, bars, restaurants, decorations, stages
  • Well-being industry - fitness health and spa pool areas, massage rooms, decorations, tables, patios, display units
  • Institutions - churches, museums, funerals, corporate cafeterias
  • Health care and assisted living centres - patient rooms and common areas, cafeteria, lobbies,