12 x Recharchable LED Battery Tealight Candle Set - White Frosted Holder - Amber Safe Flame

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This 12 pack includes

  • 12 Rechargeable Candles NiMh (white)
  • Candle Size - 4cm W x 4cm H
  • 1 Charging Base
  • 1 Power Adaptor
  • 15 Hour Burn Time
  • 8 Hour Charge Time

These Rechargeable Candle sets use intelligent electronics and LED's to generate a long-lasting, light that simulates a wax candle flame. With its wind-proof, ambient light, our LED candle is safe for indoor or outdoor use and may be used with flammable materials such as paper, wood, plastic, dried flowers and fabric. As well as providing a safe alternative to open-flame candles, this safe Candle is also more cost-efficient.

12 x white frosted plastic holders including - 9.5 cm high - 4.5 cm wide

Applications where LED Candles add value include:

  • Restaurants, bars and nightclubs - indoor and outdoor tables, bar tops, bathrooms, patios, serving trays, stages
  • Hotels and casinos - bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, welcoming entrances, banquet halls, wall features
  • Events and functions - weddings, flower-arrangements, in décor baskets and bowls, concerts, picnics, as gifts
  • Cruise ships, B&B, wineries - bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, bars, restaurants, decorations, stages
  • Well-being industry - fitness health and spa pool areas, massage rooms, decorations, tables, patios, display units
  • Institutions - churches, museums, funerals, corporate cafeterias
  • Health care and assisted living centres - patient rooms and common areas, cafeteria, lobbies, nurse stations, bathrooms